Health Screening Features Comparison Compare Free and Premium screening services.

  • FREE

    • Create Forms/QR Code Posters for as many jobsites/locations as needed
    • Unlimited Screenings
    • Email Notifications
    • Download QR Code Posters as PDFs for easy printing and distribution
    • Multiple language support: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese
  • PREMIUM Includes everything in FREE version, plus...

    • Customizable Screening Forms
    • SMS/Text Notifications
    • Temperature field Collect temperatures and trigger pass/fail based on reading.
    • Digital Signatures
    • Show Company Logo and Company Statement on QR Code Posters
    • Pre-screening check-ins Ability to send screening links so employees and visitors can screen ahead of time.
    • Express Entry For those that travel and have to screen at multiple locations in a day. Screen once, then get immediate access at other locations later in the day. No more filling out multiple forms.
    • Full Search Search real-time screening submissions and download as a CSV or PDF report. Useful for generating a report showing where an employee or visitor has been for the past 14 days.
    • Screening Reports See everyone that's screened, both employees and visitors.
    • Employee Sign-In Reports Specific to employees. See which employees have or have not screened for the day.
    • Additional Bonus/Free Users that can receive SMS/Text Notifications For a limited time, each Subscribed user can select 2 free users to receive SMS/Text notifications on screenings.
    • Auto language translations for Custom Questions BETA

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